For a successful donut-baking at home, you will need the great recipe and an ideal bakeware. If you want perfect
donuts at home, you must invest in a best Silicone Donut Mould. These pans are durable, non-stick, and would not tear
when removed from the pan.

Choosing the best donut mould can be difficult as there are a plenty of options. But, we have the solution to this
problem. Here is one of the best Food Grade Silicone Donut moulds from Onlineforu ITD. With this baking mold, making
delicious donuts at home is effortless.

This Silicone Donut mould is exceptionally flexible, reusable, and easy to store. This donut baking pan is made from a
durable non-stick material that is also wholly heat-resistant.

This donut baking pan is made of food-grade Silicone material that is completely safe, durable, easier to maintain, and
gives a perfect shape to donuts. This 6-cavity Silicone baking pan is utterly flexible, allowing the tray to be fold without
any damage.

Moreover, this donut baking mould is highly heat resistant and dishwasher safe. It is non-sticky so that the dough will not
stick to the cavity. This baking mold has six pouches, each 7.5 cm in diameter. These donut baking pans are safe, durable,
and easy to use


Here are some of its notable features for the Donut Mould.

  • Food Grade Material: This donut baking mould is made from a high-quality Food-grade Silicone material with no
    toxins, making it a safer and more durable choice. This pan is safe at a temperature of 40 degrees and is more
    durable than regular moulds.
  • Highly Flexible: The flexibility of the silicone material allows the mould to be folded or unfolded without any
    damage. You can store the folded donut pan in any drawer and unroll it for the later use.
  • Easy use and clean: This baking pan has perfect sizing that will perfectly fit your oven well so you can bake
    delicious donuts without hassle. The non-sticky material makes it easier to clean. You can put it in a dishwasher
    or wash it by hand with warm water and soap.
  • Perfect sizing: This donut baking pan makes you six delicious donuts at once. The doughnut mould size is 26 x 12
    x 2.3 cm. The baking mould has six cavities, each having a diameter of 7.5 cm. This sizing is perfect and will easily
    fit in your oven to make your best donuts. To prevent spills, place it on your baking tray before putting in oven.
  • Perfect party treats: Enjoy a fabulous treat with your favorite donuts and recipes with tea in the afternoon. This
    mold will make you the most delicious donuts than the ones bought.
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 2.5 cm

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