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Facial Mask Maker Machine DIY

Feature of beauty face mask machine

1. Safety and health:

This fruit facial mask maker machine is suitable for making natural facial masks of fruits and vegetables and is super safe and healthy to use.

When you make your own fruit or vegetable facial mask at home, you can enjoy it as you like and add it to the spa day. It will provide you with the best skin care, firming and elasticity recovery effect, so as to achieve the effect of making you beautiful.

2. Making various all kinds of DIY:

You can make a mask according to your skin, infused with fruit and vegetable juice or tea, milk, soy milk, honey, beer and wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers and eggs. Private customization is conducive to improving the nutrient absorption of facial skin, providing you with green skin care, whitening skin, and restoring skin flexibility and vitality.

3. Intelligent voice prompt, Energy saving, Easy cleaning:

The mask-making process using this fruit facial mask maker machine takes only 5 minutes, which is very economical and convenient to do at home. Just switch the button to the cleaning mode, and you can remove the left substances inside the machine.

4. Quite, Automatic and simple production-mute design:

You can clearly know the process of automatically making the mask, and you can operate it easily, time-saving and energy-saving by pressing a button. The production process only takes 5 minutes, which is a very economical and convenient way to obtain safe facial beauty at home.

5. Precautions:

Please read the instructions and precautions of the fruit facial mask maker machine carefully before use. You can purchase at the same time under the link, which is convenient and quick. Before making the mask, please prepare 20 ml of juice, and then mix the juice and water according to the instructions.

You can also refer to other formula ratios in the attached Beauty Manual to make your own DIY mask.

Warm tips
1. Please note the product does not include the juice squeezing function, please prepare 20ml juice before making the mask
2. Put the machine on a flat desktop to ensure the liquid mask flows out evenly
3. After making the mask, please wash the mask machine promptly
4. High viscosity of the liquid, such as milk, and honey, will adhere to the bottom or stirred tank inside after finishing the mask making, please use a cleaning brush to clean stirred tank. Using high viscosity material is recommended for cleaning twice.
Package content

1 * machine 

1 *  adapter 
1 *  cleaning brush 
1 *  measuring cup
1 * plastic scraper
1 * silicone mask plate 
1 * English user manual
32 * mask peptides
Additional information
Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 243 × 175 × 151 cm

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