20pcs Fidget Toys Set Pack, Sensory Fidget Toys Push Bubble Pop Toy Stress Anxiety

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Encourage fidgeting in kids and adults! With this fun toys Fidget Toys Set, people of all ages (3 and up) will bend, push, stretch, click and so much more!

This process helps calm racing thoughts and erratic body movements.

Children and adults find themselves able to sit still and reduce the urge to pace and race, in both mind and body! And, they’re great toys!

Everybody loves solving puzzles and challenges, so load up your car, home, classroom, training room and kids’ goodie bags with these colourful, quality-made toys.


 1- The colour shift puzzle ball 

The colour shift puzzle ball is part of the fidget toys set, it’s a multicoloured plastic ball.

It’s a tricky but easy game. Scramble the coloured balls, then figure out how to get them all back into their matching coloured slots in all holes.

The balls can be moved around using the empty spot, which allows the puzzle to be jumbled.

Move the balls back to their proper places to solve the rainbow ball puzzle! It also can be used by ADHD children and adults. 

2- Round and octagon Pop it fidgets toy

Pop it fidget toy is a colourful and flexible silicon tray, that comes in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes for adults and kids. it’s an anxiety-relieving toy.

Children can use this toy to keep their hands occupied during class times. It also can be used by ADHD children and adults. 

3- Maze magic cube 

It’s a plastic puzzle designed in a maze shape to train the hand – brain coordination, patience, and attention. It comes in a variety of colours. It also can be used by ADHD children and adults.

4-  Infinite magic cube, many fidget toy 

It’s a plastic game and comes in a square shape with a variety of colours. It relieves nervousness and anxiety while doing a task or simply waiting.

It helps a fidgeter focus on the task at hand while lessening bad fidgeting habits such as nail and pen biting, leg shaking, and knuckle cracking.

Great to simply pass time. It also can be used by ADHD children and adults 

5- Bubble key chain/ finger sensory toys

Bubble key chains are 2 in one. It’s a game that you can pop to relieve anxiety and have fun and it’s a key chain.

It comes in a variety of colours and materials. It contains 3 balls to pop it.  

6- Truck train fidget toy/ sensory fidget toy  

It’s a plastic colourful chain designed to be a train and it’s part of the fidget toys set.

This game is useful for your kids as it helps in thinking, figuring out solutions, and developing their skills. 

Keep your kids busy for hours with this game.

7- TPR noodle fidget toy/ sensory toy 

It’s a soft thorn on its surface, no matter how you pull it, it’s elastic and resilient.

It Relieves anxiety, releases pressure, more comfortable to pull together. 

8- Stretchy flour ball 

Colourful, softball for stress relief and anxiety. It’s also a fluffy ball that will add fun to your kids.

Designed to last! Stretch them, Squeeze them & Relax with them. You can even wash them. Pull and Stretch Ball. Sensory toys can be used for ADHD cases. 

9- Fidget rings

Fidget rings are part of the fidget toys set, also known as anxiety rings, look like regular rings you’d wear for style purposes — but they have a feature you can fidget with, such as a spinning element.

It comes in a variety of colours and shapes. 

10- Pinch fidget toy 

Soft silicon toy designed to be squeezed. It’s a soft game for stress relieving and anxiety.

Kids usually like this toy because it’s a fluffy toy.

11- Mesh bag fidget toy 

 Made with high-quality plastic and premium marbles, designed to keep the mind and the hand busy. It comes in a variety of colours. 


This 20pcs Fidget Toys Set will make a great gift

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