Easy Mirror Folding Travel Brush Compact Pocket Size for Travel Car Gym


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Easy Mirror Folding Travel Brush Compact, portable for car and travel use

The mirror lid allows quick viewing of the face at any angle, wear it on your fingernail-free finger, convenient for use whenever you need to apply cosmetics in a rush, even if there is no mirror around. Due to its fancy and mini stylish design, it is very popular among women of different ages as free gift to friends or for personal pampering themselves.

The mirror folding travel brush is an easy-to-carry brush designed in travelling size to carry it in your pocket, gym bag, and travel times. 

This product is designed in a strong and elastic material to avoid brute force pulling when touching the scalp.

This product comes in a variety of colours which are black, white, and blue. 

Antistatic to eliminate frizz and lock-in conditioner to help your hair return to its maximum strengths.

Ergonomically designed non-slip handle, easy to hold, easy to use, and easy to carry. 

Compact and portable, it can be used anywhere and anytime, making you feel comfortable.

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