New Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat Fox Makeup Brush Cleaner Pad


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Useful and Easy to Use

Trendy silicone makeup brush cleaning mat designed to help you clean your makeup brushes easily.

it’s 100% high-quality silicone. All you need to do to clean your brushes is swirl them in a circular motion in different ridges and patterns on top of the silicone makeup brush cleaning mat.

The cosmetic brush-cleaning mat is suitable for cleaning various makeup brushes. The product comes in a variety of colours.

These textured cleaning brush silicone mats can unclog your makeup brushes and help you apply makeup more efficiently, buy them straightaway without one, it would take longer to clean your brushes.

One thing is sure about our cosmetic cleaning pads they make an essential tool for any beauty regime.

Looking for the best makeup brush cleaner mat?

Let us solve the riddle for you. Our new makeup brush cleaner is best overall as it deep cleanses the soft bristles of brushes across your face.

This type of brush cleaning mat is useful for those who use makeup brushes regularly to apply liquid and cream products.

The Brush Cleaning Pad with a multi-textural surface eliminates any germs, bacteria, dead skin cells and residue, leaving your makeup brush clean and ready to use.

  • GOOD FOR CLEANING: Each pad has a mixture of multiple rugged patterns for different area cleaning
  • Convenient to clean various makeup brushes that can pick up different amounts of powder
  • STICKS WELL: Each pad has 5 mini suckers in the bottom, which can be directly adsorbed to a plastic plate or the worktop of the basin.
  • QUALITY: Made of high-grade silicone, eco-friendly, unbreakable, reusable, and durable
  • Great as a gift
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